Would you like to premiere Croatian percussion concerto with the Zagreb Philharmonic Orchestra and win a 10,000 EUR prize?

Apply to RHYTHM-O-PHONIA competition scheduled 07-14 July 2019 in Zagreb, Croatia!

Perform three new pieces plus highlights from your repertoire in the new concert hall situated in the heart of the capital.

Enjoy feedback on your performance from top international artists celebrating the 30th anniversary of percussion at the University of Zagreb Academy of Music.


International Percussion Competition, Zagreb, Croatia

07-14 July 2019

Celebrating 30 Years of Percussion at University of Zagreb Academy of Music



Program & rounds

  1. Eliminatory (max. performance duration 15 min)
    1. Ivana Bilić: Tafate for Marimba solo (9 minutes – Ed. Svitzer; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nZJERkYrPQA)
    2. Free choice Snare drum piece


  1. Semifinals (max. performance duration 20 min)
    1. Igor Lešnik: Desert Thorn for Vibraphone and Sonic Landscape (10 minutes – Ed. biNgbang; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rYd4h03YTRk)
    2. Free choice Timpani piece or movement from a longer work (optionally with instrumental or electronic accompaniment – accompanists NOT provided by competition).


  1. Finals (total finals program duration limited to max. 30 min)
    1. Free choice piece for solo Mallets
    2. Croatian Set piece – Concerto for Multiple Percussion Soloist with Orchestra (max 20 minutes or shorter – available from February 2019)

Application starting October 2018 comprises two steps:

  • candidates are requested to e-mail their competition performance program proposal to igor@igorlesnik.com as these are subject to confirmation by application commitee;
  • only upon receiving official confirmation of their competition program proposal being accepted, the candidates may proceed to payment of the inscription fee.

Inscription fee is 120 EUR – no refund available once the payment is done.

Candidates are obliged to provide original scores for the jury, except for unpublished works. All the scores and unpublished works shall be given back after each round.

Practice sessions will NOT be available during the eliminatory round except 15 minutes for warm up immediately prior to the performance.

Candidates going through to the next competition round will have hotel expenses for that round covered by the competition.

Zagreb Philharmonic Orchestra accompanies set piece performances in the final round.

PCO agency Spektar putovanja Ltd. will be in charge of participants’ registration and accommodation.

Online registration and accommodation form will be activated at the end of December 2018.

Sunday, 07.07.2019 Arrivals

Monday, 08.07.2019 – Tuesday, 09.07. 2019 / Eliminatory rounds

Wednesday, 10.07.2019 / Rehearsals

Thursday, 11.07.2019. / Semifinals

Friday, 12.07.2019 / Setting up, practice sessions and rehearsals with orchestra

Saturday, 13.07.2019 / Finals – First Prize 10.000 EUR

Sunday, 14.07.2019 Departures

For further questions concerning the RHYTHM-O-PHONIA  please feel free to e-mail competition Artistic Director Igor Lesnik at igor@igorlesnik.com

RHYTHM-O-PHONIA frequently asked questions, Vol. 1.

How can I apply for the competition?

First step: e-mail your competition program proposal to igor@igorlesnik.com

Is there an age limit for participation?

There is no age limit.

What is the deadline for submitting my program proposal?

Applications close after the 35th competitor pays the inscription fee; therefore, early application is recommended.

What if my program proposal in the first round is slightly longer than 15 minutes?

Performances exceeding the time limit shall be stopped by the jury president, but the contestant will still receive points.

Is there a required performance order?

Performance order of the two pieces is up to you in all rounds.

What headphones are used at the competition?

Pieces with electronic accompaniment are to be performed using monitor speakers and a PA system provided by the competition.

May I perform with my piano accompanist?

Yes, but Rhythm-o-phonia does not cover such additional travel or hotel expenses.

May I include my own composition into the competition program?

Along with the published works, the free choice pieces may be arrangements, transcriptions or compositions of your own. In such cases, the score samples are required at the first application step.

What are the brands of instruments at the Rhythm-o-phonia Competition?

The general list of instrument brands and models offered by the competition is: Marimba One Izzy Enhanced Keyboard, Pearl Philharmonic Snares, Musser vibraphones, Adams Professional and Universal timpani, Yamaha tom-toms and hardware, Zildjian cymbals, Grover Pro percussion…

I would like to play a timpani piece for seven drums, is this possible?

Rhythm-o-phonia Competition timpani availability comprises sets of 5 drums – 32“, 29“,26“, 23“ and 20“ by Adams (Professional II and Universal models) and Ludwig Professional Symphonic. Additional single drums might be available but candidates must accept that these additional drums might be of a different model or brand.

May I bring my own marimba for practice and the performance?

Competitors may use their personal instruments for practice in Semi-final and Final rounds. Rhythm-o-phonia will provide practice rooms and stage hands. Using personal instruments for the performance is permitted only in the Final round. 


  For further questions concerning the RHYTHM-O-PHONIA  please feel free to e-mail competition Artistic Director Igor Lesnik at igor@igorlesnik.com

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