WELCOME GUIDE FOR INCOMING STUDENTS (INTERNATIONAL EXCHANGE) – useful information for incoming international students

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Academy of Music University of Zagreb

Welcome guide

Useful information for incoming international students

Dear students,

We wish you a warm welcome to the Academy of Music University of Zagreb.

We hope your stay will be interesting and enjoyable, but above all else, rewarding and useful for your personal growth and future professional career.

Here you will find some important and practical information that will help you prepare your study exchange period at the University of Zagreb: http://www.unizg.hr/homepage/international-exchange/exchange-students/

Information about the academic calendar, national holidays and winter break are available here:


For information about the health situation, relating to Covid-19 in Croatia, please visit:



We strongly advise you to request your personal identification number (OIB) – before your arrival in Croatia. You can do so here:


STEP 1: move into the student residence hall/private housing
STEP 2: attend the orientation and enrolment meeting at the International Cooperation Office at the Academy of Music

Academy of Music (MUZA), Trg Republike Hrvatske 12, Zagreb

Ema Proso Šepec, Head of International Cooperation Office
E-mail: eprososepec@muza.hr
5th floor / room no. 529, phone: +385 1 4899278

DOCUMENTS NEEDED for the enrolment

  • OIB (personal identification number)
  • 2 photos (approx. passport size)
  • passport or identity card

During your enrolment meeting, you will:

  • fill in the enrolment forms, form for the student card, etc.
  • fill in forms to open a student computer account (username and password)
  • get the key card for the entrance and practicing rooms (from Exchange Coordinator)
  • open an account for the booking of practicing rooms (rezervaonica)
  • fill in a requisition form for a student (instrument) locker – if you need one
  • get a stamp from Student Affairs Office or Referada for the public transportation pass form
  • go on a tour of the building of the Academy of Music.

Students are advised to make the changes to the learning agreement in the first two to three (2-3) weeks after the enrolment.


ECTS COORDINATOR of the Academy of Music

prof. Sanja Kiš Žuvela, Vice Dean for Study Programmes and Lifelong Learning
E-mail: prodekan.studiji@muza.hr
office hours: THURSDAY 14-15:00 (4th floor, room no. 423)

Pick-up service may be available if arranged at least one month prior to your arrival to Zagreb. E-mail request to the student organisation Erasmus Student Network, info@esnzagreb.com; Subject: I want my buddy. The Zagreb airport is very small, just one international arrivals gate from which the Croatia Airlines bus can take you to the main bus station in the city. Croatian students provide pick up from the bus station (NOT the airport), from 9am to 10pm.

Join Erasmus Student Network (ESN) Zagreb for different activities, parties, field trips and muchmore: Facebook, search input: ESN Zagreb (link: https://www.facebook.com/esnzagreb/).


EU/EEA citizens can enter Croatia with just a valid ID card (or passport) and then need to register at the Central police station if staying for more than 3 months to regulate the residence permit.

Citizens of the USA, Australia, Canada, etc. (for full list visit here) can enter Croatia with a valid passport and then have to apply for the residence permit in Zagreb. Check with the Croatian embassy in your country of residence what documentation you will need for your application in Zagreb and make sure you have it with you when coming to Zagreb.

NON-EU/EEA citizens coming from a country that has a visa regime with the Republic of Croatia need to apply for a visa via the Croatian embassy in their home country before departing for Croatia. The list of countries whose nationals need a visa to enter Croatia can be found at the pages of the Croatian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Visas CANNOT be applied for or extended in Croatia! Please contact the Croatian embassy in your country of residence for more information. You will receive an acceptance letter that covers some of the documentation needed for your visa application as soon as your complete application has been approved by the faculty/academy of the University of Zagreb that will host you.

The list of required documents can be found at: http://international.unizg.hr/international_students/exchange_students/

Information about visa regarding Covid-19 situation can be found here:


HEALTH INSURANCE (regular information)
All exchange students must have health insurance during their stay in Croatia.

  1. All EU/EAA students need to bring their European health insurance card to Croatia as it will be valid.
  2. All non-EU/EAA exchange students are required to take out a travel medical insurance that is valid during the entire period spent in Croatia. The ensured cover must be at least 30.000 EUR and include repatriation for medical reasons, urgent medical care and/or emergency treatment in a hospital. Student will need to submit a proof of medical insurance upon arrival to Zagreb, Croatia when applying for the first temporary permit.
  3. Students coming from Bosnia and Hercegovina, Montenegro and Serbia that have health insurance with their national health insurance provider in the home country may take out a proof of health insurance from the home country and exchange it for insurance policy from the Croatian national health insurance provider, so-called “bolesnički list”. Upon arrival to Zagreb students will report to the Croatian Health Insurance Fund (Hrvatski zavod za zdravstveno osiguranje – HZZO) and submit a proof of health insurance from the home country insurance provider at the address: Branimirova 37, Odjel za međunarodnu suradnju / Department for international cooperation. The HZZO will issue a document that enables exchange students to use the health services within the Croatian health system. The document is issued without additional charges.


After you get your username and password from the faculty/academy you will enrol, download the necessary installation software from http://installer.eduroam.hr, get a cable (no wireless in the dorm), and it should work.

ESN Zagreb is a student organization which helps international students during their stay in Zagreb. They organize all kinds of different activities and programmes and the first one international students should know about is The Buddy Programme.

The Buddy Programme aims to connect international students with one of the local students and volunteers who will help them get around Zagreb, be their tour guide or best friend during their stay.

If you wish to sign up for the Buddy programme you may do so through the following page:  https://esnzagreb.broaddy.com/register/international

There is also a Facebook group https://www.facebook.com/esnzagreb/


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