50th anniversary of the Department of Musicology in Zagreb (1970 – 2020)

The roots of the institutional teaching of the history of music in Zagreb date back to 1890, when the school of Music at the Croatian Music Institute introduced history of music and aesthetics of music into its curriculum. With a few interruptions, the teaching of these two musicological courses continued after the founding of the Academy of Music in 1921. The predecessor of the Department of Musicology at the Academy of Music in Zagreb is the Department of Music History and Theory (later the Department of History of Music), which was founded in 1948 by Josip Andreis. In 1970, at the initiative of Ivo Supičić, the Department grew into the Department of Musicology. From the very beginning the courses focused on historical musicology, primarily on the history of Croatian music, and on ethnomusicology. Since the 1970s the field of teaching increasingly expanded towards interdisciplinary studies, including different aspects of historical musicology, systematic musicology and ethnomusicology. The Department of Musicology will celebrate its 50th anniversary in the week of 23 November 2020.

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