Academy Campus

Great concert hall – 300 seats

The Academy of Music Blagoje Bersa concert hall is located in the heart of downtown Zagreb. It serves as a new space for various types of musical events attracting wide audiences of music lovers and enthusiasts.

The hall is equipped with state of the art audio and video equipment, including a cinema screen and projector. Variable geometry and acoustics of the hall as well as the modular orchestral pit make it a perfect space for smaller opera productions and various other types of events such as seminars and conferences.

Three smaller concert halls – 100 seats (each)

The three smaller halls are suitable for student performances, recitals and chamber music concerts.

42 rooms for individual and chamber music classes

35 individual and chamber music student practice rooms

Recording studio and multimedia hall –  

The Superbly equipped recording studio and multimedia hall provide album recording capabilities

Library and library hall

University of Zagreb Academy of Music Library Collection includes manuscripts and books on music, manuscripts and printed sheet music, collection of printed materials for use of various Academy ensembles, collections of sound and video recordings, magazines and serves as the repository for students’ thesis (the library houses a total of 62,747 unique units). Books, printed music and sound recordings are acquired in accordance with the needs and wishes of the various Academy teaching departments. There is no comparable higher music education institution collection or library in Croatia.

Apartments for visiting professors

Visiting professors have at their disposal two studio apartments located on the 7th floor of the Academy.

Accomodation for visiting teaching staff and students

Academy of Music is situated in the center of downtown Zagreb, within walking distance of a number of hostels and several hotels that can provide affordable accommodation for the visiting professors and students.




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