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Assistant professor Monika Jurić Janjik (Maternity leave) – Department Head

Teaching assistant Jelka Vukobratović – Acting Department Head


The roots of the institutional teaching of the history of music in Zagreb date back to 1890, when the Music School of the Croatian Music Institute introduced History of music and Music aesthetics into its school curriculum. With few brief interruptions, the teaching of these two fields of musicology continued after the establishment of the Academy of Music. Department of Musicology at the Academy of Music in Zagreb originated from the History and Theory Department (later Music History Department), which was founded in 1948 by Josip Andreis. In 1970, at the initiative of Ivo Supičić, the Department grew into the Department of Musicology and Music Journalism. In the very beginning studies focused on historical musicology, primarily on the history of Croatian music, and on ethnomusicology. Since the 1970s the study fields have increasingly expanded towards interdisciplinary studies (music palaeography and iconography, various areas of systematic musicology). However, the courses in general music history and the history of Croatian music (Antiquity and the Middle Ages , Renaissance, Baroque, pre-Classical and Classical period, 19th century, 20th century),in addition to the systematic courses (music aesthetics, musical analysis methodology, music psychology, sociology of music, musical acoustics, music criticism) and ethno musicological courses (world music, Croatian traditional music , popular music) are still the core of the musicology studies curriculum. With the introduction of study programmes in accordance with the Bologna Process, the number of mandatory courses in ethnomusicology has increased while ethnomusicology has become a separate field of study. A number of renowned experts have studied at the Department both at graduate and postgraduate levels (as part of the postgraduate master’s and doctoral study programmes).

In 1967, the Musicology Institute was established within the Department (it was later renamed to Institute for Systematic Musicology), with the aim of exploring music culture of Croatia and its role has evolved towards initiating and conducting various types of musicological research activities.


The integrated undergraduate and graduate programme in musicology provides students with a wide knowledge in the field of musicology (historical and systematic) and ethnomusicology. In addition to acquiring specific knowledge and skills related to the basics of musicology disciplines, as well as to the general and national history of music, during their studies students also deepen and consolidate their knowledge and skills in music theory, piano, foreign languages and fine arts.

After a joint three-year period of study, students choose to specialise in one of the existing fields – musicology or ethnomusicology. The last two years of study are aimed primarily at broadening the existing and adopting specific discipline-related knowledge in the chosen field which prepares students for independent scientific research, as well as other jobs they might do after their studies.

The Integrated Undergraduate and Graduate Programme in Musicology – Double Major has been conceived as a joint study of the double major programme in musicology and a chosen programme of study from the University of Zagreb Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences or the Centre for Croatian Studies. The programme offers both basic and advanced knowledge in the field of historical musicology, systematic musicology and ethnomusicology, while at the same time consolidating and deepening knowledge and skills in music theory. By combining programmes from two different University constituent units (faculties), students are provided with the opportunity to acquire and deepen specific knowledge which can facilitate their specialization in areas related to the science of music.

Elective subjects offered to students of single and double major programmes can expand their knowledge, as well as introduce them to new areas. The Pedagogical Subjects elective module introduces students to the basics of theoretical and practical knowledge in music pedagogy, while the Cultural Management module provides them with knowledge related to that field. In addition to the elective courses taught at The Academy of Music, students can also choose from subjects taught at the other university constituent faculties, and thus partly design the programme according to their own interests.

The study programmes (single and double major) are completed after students pass all the required exams and successfully present their thesis in public before a committee.


Upon the completion of the Integrated Undergraduate and Graduate University Study Programme in Musicology, Master of Musicology has acquired competences to work in the fields of science, culture, media, and in publishing houses and on editorial boards, in bookselling and festival productions, in the tourism industry, in diplomatic offices, in libraries and in other related areas. Upon the completion of the pedagogical module they are trained to work in secondary comprehensive schools and in music schools as teachers of Music or Music History.

Upon the completion of The Integrated Undergraduate and Graduate Programme in Musicology – Double Major, Masters of Musicology are qualified to work in the media (printed and electronic), music publishing, in libraries and archives, as well as in secondary schools; and also in jobs related to cultural production and organization as well as in scientific institutes and institutes conducting research in the field of musicology, ethnomusicology and related sciences.


Integrated undergraduate and graduate study of MUSICOLOGY – track choice in 4th year of studies:

    1.  Track: Musicology
    2. Track:  Ethnomusicology)

Integrated undergraduate and graduate study of MUSICOLOGY – DOUBLE MAJOR (Second study component at the University of Zagreb Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences)



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