The EUphony orchestra project was launched in 2010 at the initiative of the Zagreb Academy of Music and the Budapest Liszt Ferenc Academy. Five Central European Musical Academies (Budapest, Vienna, Ljubljana, Graz and Zagreb) organized a student symphony orchestra tour in 2011 under the leadership of the World reknown maestro Zoltán Kocsis. The first host country was Hungary. In 2013 the project continued by Austria, celebrating the 50th anniversary of Kunstuniverität Graz. The EUphony orchestra went on a tour under the artistic guidance of Oswald Sallaberger.

In 2016 the host country was Croatia, and the EUphony Orchestra, made up of students of seven academies of music from the wider region, embarked on a concert tour under the artistic direction of Mladen Tarbuk. The program consisted of works by Croatian composers: Blagoje Bersa’s Sunčana polja and Concert Fantasy for Piano and Orchestra by Dora Pejačević, presented by the young pianist Vedran Janjanin. Along with the work of Croatian composers, the program also included a monumental orchestral piece Life of the Hero by Richard Strauss. The first concert of the tour was held at Vatroslav Lisinski Concert Hall on Monday, 29th February 2016. After performing in Zagreb, performances took place in the cities of partner academies – Ljubljana, Graz and Budapest. In 2018, the EUphony project was hosted by the Anton Bruckner Private University of Linz.

The last workshops of the EUphony orchestra took place in February 2020 in Schloss Seggau, near Graz, under the Baton of Daniel Geiß. Works of Shostakovich and Mahler were on the program. Together with distinguished professors from around the globe students had the opportunity to partake in one of the most challenging and future-oriented chamber and orchestra projects.  The workshop ended with a tour with concerts in Linz, Graz and Belgrade.

EUphony 2011 host – Liszt Ferenc Academy Budapest – Zoltán Kocsis

EUphony 2013 host – Kunstuniverität Graz (50th year anniversary) – Oswald Sallaberger

EUphony 2016 host – University of Zagreb Academy of Music – Mladen Tarbuk

EUphony 2018 host – Anton Bruckner Private University of Linz – Thomas Kerbl

EUphony 2020 hostKunstuniverität Graz – Daniel Geiß


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