Specialist Postgraduate Studies


Study Programme:


Postgraduate University Specialist Art Studies for Performing Arts
Area: Art
Field: Musical Arts
Group: Music Reproduction (playing, singing)
Academic Title: University Specialist in Music (univ.spec.mus)
Duration of study: 4 semesters


University Specialist Postgraduate Instrumental and Vocal Studies are a logical continuation of the same graduate studies. It is designed for musicians, instrumentalists and singers who want to improve their knowledge and skills as part of lifelong learning.

Candidates, through mentored classes, and primarily through individual work in the narrow field of specialty, deepen and round up already acquired knowledge, skills and abilities and training for independent artistic activity based on a broader range of knowledge in the field of music.

Programs are typically carried out in Croatian, but can, in consultation with teachers, be taught in English.

Postgraduate studies last four (4) semesters, and classes are organized and implemented according to the Study Programme, which carries a total of 120 credits.

The first semester begins in October of the current academic year.

Applications are generally accepted up until September 15th (Classes begin mid October) in accordance with application tender (it is announced mid June on the Academy web page)- please contact student office for more details (referada@muza.hr)


Application form

    1. Candidates who have completed an instrumental or vocal graduate study and acquired the title of Master of Music (mag.mus.) as well as candidates who have completed the appropriate undergraduate according to previous regulations and have acquired the professional title of an academic musician may apply for the enrolment into Specialist Studies.
    2. Candidates are required to pass an entrance exam consisting of a practical part (recital) and presentation of the proposed topic for their specialist study thesis.
    3. Candidates who graduated abroad are required to carry out Academic Recognition of Foreign Higher Education Qualifications (with University of Zagreb office for Academic Recognition of Foreign Higher Education Qualifications – unizg.hr).
    4. Foreign nationals enter the study programme under the same conditions as Croatian citizens.

Postgraduate Specialist Studies last four (4) semesters, the classes are organized and implemented according to the study programme, which carries a total of 120 credits.

First semester classes start in October of current academic year.

    1. INSTRUMENTALISTS – without rehearsals/accompaniment   – HRK 45,000.00 *
    2. INSTRUMENTALISTS – with rehearsals/accompaniment – 55,000.00 HRK *
    3. VOICE – singing HRK 60,000.00 *

*If, during the course of studies, the competent state authority changes the price of the study programme, the student is required to pay the new price.

The student is required to bear the costs of registration and enrolment in specialized studies in the amount of HRK 500.00, and other costs specified in the Regulations on postgraduate studies.

  1. ENROLMENT – Enrolment applications may be submitted until September 15th

Applications for admission should be submitted on the prescribed form obtainable at the Office of Student Affairs, or Academy website (www.muza.unizg.hr).

Along with the application, the candidate must provide:

■ diploma;

■ certificate of citizenship or travel documents for foreigners;

■ biography with emphasis on artistic and professional activities;

■ Evidence of payment of fees for the costs of the application and registration (bank account of the Music Academy IBAN HR50 23400091100159167);

■ entrance exam programme;

■ certificate of knowledge of one major language (English, German, French).

Copies of the requested documents can be submitted alongside the application; original documents must be presented for the enrolment.

Before the entrance exam the candidate must hold consultations with the Head of post-graduate studies and the proposed mentor, and make a proposal for the plan of study. Entrance exams are held between October 01st – 10th. **

** Academy reserves the right to change the terms of entrance examinations.

Applications for the tender should be submitted in person at the student office or by mail to: University of Zagreb Academy of Music, Trg Republike Hrvatske 12, 10000 Zagreb

Any additional information can be obtained at the student office, on the phone +385 1 4810 200 / extension 114, by e-mail referada@muza.hr


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