PROJEKT – TRČEĆI UZ RIJEKU” – Sveučilište Melbourne i UNIZG

    • Ponedjeljak 17.6.2019. Soba 243  16.00-18.00  Uvodno izlaganje Ivana Violića o smjernicama, temeljima i različitim mogućnostima MAX MSP sustava
    • Srijeda 19.6.2019. Soba 243, 10.00-17.00  MASTERCLASS 1: From Musicking to Transmusicking (Nela Brown)
    • Petak 21.06.2019. MM Dvorana 242, 19:00-20.30 KONCERT 
    • Ponedjeljak 24.6.2019. Soba 243, 10.00-17.00  MASTERCLASS 2: An introduction to visual programming language Max (Nela Brown & Roger Alsop)

MASTERCLASS 1: From Musicking to Transmusicking (Nela Brown) Srijeda 19.6.2019. Soba 243, 10.00-17.00

  • Tema: In the first part of the workshop we will discuss strategies for creating, rehearsing and performing new work using analogue and digital means of music production and freeform improvisation. We will talk about communication and interaction patterns that naturally emerge between musicians which are co-located (playing together in the performance space) and musicians which are globally distributed (contributing to the performance remotely over a mobile or internet network). We will also learn about the ways web-based audio tools and telematics can be incorporated into an ensemble performance, the challenges of performing remotely using your mobile phone or a laptop connected to the internet, and how some of the issues concerning real-time monitoring can be resolved. In the second part of the workshop, we will discuss artistic ideas and the technological challenges of performing work within the context of an electroacoustic ensemble, and talk about the opportunities for experimentation and learning through collaboration. For participants who have not yet used any digital tools to create music/process instruments/voice, we will cover some basic principles of live performance and real-time audio processing using software/hardware. We will then separate into smaller groups, to create a short piece of work using instrumentation available within that group. We will create a ‘score’, which we will use to rehearse and perform the work. At the end of the performances, we will reflect on the process of creation and collaboration and look at the steps for further development of this type of artistic practice.
  • Voditeljica: Nela Brown (University of Greenwich/Female Laptop Orchestra)
  • Jezik: Engleski/ Hrvatski
  • Datum/vrijeme: Srijeda 19.06. 2019, 10.00-17.00
  • Potrebno je donijeti: muzički instrument (može biti i glas), laptop, slušalice, hardware ili software koji trenutno koristite za procesiranja zvuka.


KONCERT Petak 21.06.2019. MM Dvorana 242, 19:00-20.30

  • FLO & Friends: City Jam – Zagreb (Female Laptop Orchestra: Nela Brown (HR), Magdalena Chudy (PL), Sonia Wilkie (AU), Donna Hewitt (AU), Ariane Stolfi (BR), Liz Dobson (UK), Ada Methea Hoel (NO), Fumi Tomioka (JP), Aki Kawashita (JP) & Zagrebački Ansambl Flauta)
  • Tibor Szirovicza: Birdsong for solo flute and electronics (Lidija Ljubičić)
  • Nela Brown: Two sisters for two flutes and electronics (Lidija Ljubičić, Marija Esih)

Interval 15 min

  • Krešimir Seletković: Upstream for two flutes and electronics (Renata Penezić & Marina Novak)
  • Roger Alsop: Flow for solo flute and electronics (Marina Novak)
  • Roger Alsop: Along the Riverrun for eight flutes and electronics (Roger Alsop, Nela Brown & Zagrebački Ansambl Flauta)


MASTERCLASS 2: An introduction to visual programming language Max (Nela Brown & Roger Alsop) Ponedjeljak 24.6.2019. Soba 243, 10.00-17.00

  • Tema: In this workshop, we will cover the basics of programming audio and visuals using Max software as well as some more advanced concepts. You will learn how to navigate through Max menus and tools, how to use Max tutorials, how to access Max forums to ask questions, how to troubleshoot your programming and where to find inspiration for your projects. You will learn how to use your computer’s audio input (microphone) and video input (camera) to create patches which respond to users input/ interact with the user. Contemporary composition techniques like serialism, minimalism, indeterminacy, graphic scores, soundscapes, electronic-based and transformational approaches will also be covered, as will 3-dimensional space and the strategies for developing approaches to using different techniques. At the end of the workshop, we will do a short concert with the patches we made in class and reflect on the process of making interactive work using Max. The workshop will be a combination of demonstrations and exercises, so if you want to take Max patches you made during the workshop home, please bring a USB stick. We will start from the very beginning, so no previous knowledge of Max is required.
  • Voditelji: Nela Brown (University of Greenwich/Female Laptop Orchestra) & Roger Alsop (University of Melbourne)
  • Jezik: Engleski/ Hrvatski
  • Datum/vrijeme: Ponedjeljak 24.06.2019, 10.00-17.00
  • Potrebno je donijeti: slušalice i laptop sa instalacijom Max 8 software-a, ukoliko želite raditi sa Max softverom na osobnom kompjuteru (link: ili ‘USB stick’, ukoliko želite kopirati program koji ste napravili tokom radionice.

BIOGRAFIJE (Nela Brown & Roger Alsop)


Nela Brown is an award-winning Croatian sound artist, technologist, researcher and lecturer with a background in classical music, jazz, sonic arts, engineering and human-computer interaction. She studied jazz and music production at Goldsmiths, University of London, followed by a BA (Hons) in Sonic Arts at Middlesex University London and, in the past 12 years, she composed music and designed sound for award-winning international projects including theatre performances, dance, mobile, film, documentaries and interactive installations. In 2013, she won a Highly Commended WISE Leader Award for setting up innovative programmes “to inspire girls and young women to engage with the male-dominated field of computer science” in her role as the Chair of G.Hack (2011-2016) and Chair of WISE@QMUL (2012-2013).  In 2014, she started Female Laptop Orchestra (FLO), gathering an eclectic group of musicians and technologists exploring co-located and distributed collaborative music making within different contexts and across different geographical locations. Nela regularly talks at international conferences and technology events about collaborative music making, laptop orchestras and hack culture and performs with FLO globally. She is based in London, UK, where she is doing a PhD in Human-Computer Interaction and lecturing at the University of Greenwich. She is currently visiting the Faculty of Fine Arts & Music at the University of Melbourne in Australia, as the recipient of Macgeorge Fellowship Award 2019.


Roger Alsop is a multidisciplinary artist who focuses primarily on the creation of collaborative and improvised artworks. He works in theatre, galleries, and music performance and his work has been presented in Asia, the United States and Europe. He has created and presented musical and audiovisual works and writing in conferences throughout the world discussing the creative process and relationships between text, sound, and visual imagery, and how these maybe generated through improvised and computer-based processes. He is constantly developing interactive and collaborative processes to explore and enhance the hybrid nature of modern creativity. His artwork has been supported by VicHealth, Regional Arts Victoria, Arts Access, Multicultural Arts Victoria, La Mama, Latrobe and Hawthorn Galleries, and the Royal Botanic Gardens, World Stage Design, Prague Quadrennial, Nicola Sala Conservatorium, Liminaria, and the Edinburg and Belgrade Universities. He has presented lectures, artworks and writing at the International Computer Music, Korean Electro-Acoustic Music Society, and Australasian Computer Music Conferences, International Society of Electronics Arts, CSIRO, Prague Quadrennial, World Stage Design, and the Melbourne Festival. He also supervises research students and teaches Interactive Art, Research Skills, Electronic Music, and Mixed Media at Melbourne University and Box Hill Institute.

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